South Africa = Home – Buy made in RSA

For over 5 years we have covered some amazing products from all over the world. The time has come to focus on those coming from this very country of ours, called South Africa!

Without getting into the same type of nationalist rhetoric or politics of trade that we see going on daily, it is certainly time to share a bit more about the local businesses and suppliers that serve our communities in South Africa, and the rest of Africa day by day.

Lifelong Pension or Start a company?

Being millenial, I (PW) have already changed jobs numerous times over the past 15 years, each with it own set of challenges and benefits but this has fundamentally ended. The time has certainly come for any able bodied woman or man, to take up the challenge of starting a new business, to create jobs, but also to satisy that Entrepreneural thirst that is product creation. Seeing something come from nothing, is a scary, but remarkable experience. As you dive into the pages of this blog, you will see a change in focus, but we do hope that you stay with us, as you have in the past 5 years – following what local South African and African entrepreneurs are doing to make a name for themselves.

The key is that we need to focus on small business all over the world. It really doesnt matter where you are. The old days of getting a job and staying with them for 25 years, then retiring and getting a watch are over.


The temptation to quit is always there. But this blog is proof that once you have an idea, you need to get on with it, and stick to your guns. Thank you for reading this note. Hope you love the new content we bring in the coming 9 months.