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Quick Rant/ Quick note on the economy, #feelsmustfall, #randupanddown, #nooneratingyourcountrycredit yet…
You, dear customer, may be thinking about buying a very very expensive car. Before you do, even if you earn R 200 000 per month, have a look at this car. You need it to get to work and back. This car won`t get you the “honey`s” because no one cares if you appear to be a Blesser when you actually aren`t. 



Image Above: If you want a Veyron, but only earn the cost of its 4 tyres per month, common sense and use of an online or app-based budgeting tool like can assist before you buy.

No one (especially your “good” drinking mates), will be there when your budget exceeds your income. The market in SA and World is in a Mess – so think before you buy!  

VW Polo 1.4 Vivo Street – 1 Day test – August 2016


There are many many VW Polo cars out there! But one out of the entire lot really has my heart strings going! The new Vivo “Street” offers really great value – in a neat package for only R 169 000 (as demo). This five-speed manual comes with airconditioning and power steering, dual airbags and power locking doors and electric windows. When the Polo Vivo initially came out, the edges were a bit rough and having to settle for significantly lower spec features than its normal Polo cousin made it a bit hard to swallow. Still as a car to get into, drive to work and back every day for 3 years, then eventually upgrade to the VW Golf 7, this really is a great step into the VW world of amazing hatch back`s that everybody loves!

A lot of testing and focus has been going on regarding this new product variant, and you know that when a brand has pushed out maybe 5 different options of the same car, that they are trying to extricate every single drop of value they can, for a South African public whom truly love all things VW. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Soweto and need a GTI to drive to church on Sunday or if you live in Bryanston/Fourways and need the Tiguan to drop off the kids. The main thing is that VW cars represent the everyday person. There seem to be a lot less uptight people sitting at the dealership this morning, less than say a Porche, BMW or Mercedes dealer. The VW driver is under control, calm, very focused on what he or she wants but is willing to wait a little while to get there.

This is sweet and short summary of a 1-day test we had with the VW Polo Street 1.4 Manual


Dramatic “Lamborghini” green and gold bold stripes on the front bonnet of the car and neat lateral decals in small with the word “street” side and back. The Polo-like most VW cars are made for the People. It has plenty of space in the interior for the young man or young lady who needs to get to work. It has stylish shiny black paint that compliments the bold stripes.  Alloy wheels that look very modern and neat interior details like a VW radio with Bluetooth, airbags, and a great gear knob the shape of Golf ball and great stitching on the steering wheel. The interior is surprisingly kitted for this low price point!


The handling and ease of use relate so clearly to the sales of this car every single month! VW have managed to make this car easy to use, not fussy and very loyal. The gears are smooth, the ride while noisy is still pliant for anything under R 170 000. This car represents the benchmark in this segment, and if you or your partner need a car this should be high up on your list of options to consider. Lately, I have been driving an older VW polo to work and back, which belongs to my brother overseas. The drive and handling are remarkably similar, meaning that even in the new model Polo, and the Vivo no less, the ride characteristics are even more improved. It is soft enough to get to your destination in decent comfort and fuel economy good enough to beat any real world test out there. Our model had only 152 km`s  on the odometer in total – so I guess true consumption (around 5.0 / 100kms) expected, should be very achievable once properly run in by the lucky owner.


For R 170 000 all in (excluding dealer accessories and delivery) this car from our friends at Lindsay Saker Edenvale represents true value. It truly is a great everyday car to use, and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for something affordable, that doesn’t feel cheap and nasty. VW SA keeps pushing the limits on how many Polo`s they can sell. I know why. This car is honest, and so are you. We generally buy things that reflect a bit on who we are. Stylish and honest? Get this Polo now!

For more on the pricing and features – call Shaun on 083 414 6043 or– from VW Lindsay Saker Edenvale.

For questions or assistance regarding finance email – or call 0860 000 000 and hit option 1 for help.





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