Range Rover Evoque






Range Rover Evoque

I was again asked by a friend of mine from the office, to assist her in deciding on which car to buy next. She is in her early 30s, a single professional with a legal background, and works for one of the leading financial institutions in SA. She has been driving a family car, a great little Mercedes A Class diesel, which was getting a bit long in the tooth and really wanted to move up and make a statement with the Range Rover Evoque.

One of her key factors in choosing a new car was going to be based on looking for something as solid and reliable as a Mercedes, without being boring, too expensive to the point of sweating every time there is an interest rate hike and also wanted something low risk, but high in curb side appeal. The Range Rover Evoque, dear reader, is all of those things. An amazing combination of features & function brings this car to all the boys in the yard. It is truly a phenomenal package, with very tidy design features and all in a car that made me feel very safe and secure, after driving it for a week on loan from Land Rover Jaguar at the Glen – South of the Wall.

Exterior Design


The sleek design of this Range Rover has begun a new, unique design language that takes away the old image of the bulky Range family, and brings the class and simplicity of the Range Rover brand to new levels of excitement.

The Range Rover is a great car, but it hasn’t up to this point been of any interest to me. So far, and up until driving the Evoque, I was and still truly am a BMW guy. With the request from Ms. Singh to test drive the Evoque and feel if the car was as good as the brochure and online adverts make it seem, it was the ultimate chance for me to get an overall introduction to the Brand. The Range Rover car is truly a thing of beauty. I was worried initially about overall interior space, but opening up the White Evoque, cracking open the roof to reveal what seemed like 10 years of quality glass, and feeling the airy yet cockpit style set up, I truly understand why so many people have chosen this specific car above and beyond most of the stuff coming out of Germany, France and the USA.

With a very sleek 3 part look the car, the raised vehicle certainly gives you a feeling of absolute protection, particularly with any side impact in an accident. Moms and Dads to be, take note. Any Land Rover you buy, is geared towards family life. If you have a car that can take you places, especially on long weekends – your family memories will be much more colourful.

Interior Design


Styled by the ever lovely Mrs. V Beckham, every single stitch and trim item feels like a luxury handbag.

All of the stitching, lighting and intricate buttons and switches feel properly made, and like the people that put together the car, they really know their target market. So without saying this is a ladies car, I have seen plenty of very stylish GQ ish gentlemen driving the Evoque model, with the myriad of stylish colours in place. I love the way the buttons are laid out in an easy to read fashion. There is proper spaces between all of the buttons, so you don’t hit any by accident. The interior lighting, and even the blue words “Range Rover” laid in the door sill is Star Wars meets TRON. I mentioned to Ms Singh after our short test drive, and ensuing purchase of the car, that I would bought the car strictly based on the cool blue light in the doors. Its little touches like this that make all the difference. Even the Evoque shape is projected onto the floor, under the side mirrors at night, so that just in case you forget what the car looks like from the side, you have a small projection showing what that shape is in a small circle of light under the side mirrors.


Engine and Performance

Great performance comes from clever use of lightweight materials. The performance and handling of the car, feels a lot more like my BMW 3 F30, than any other Land Rover product I have ever driven. Around bends, it doesn’t lean in (Cheryl Sandberg approved), the handling is surefooted and proper, and any driver who loves to drive, will appreciate this machine very much. So with this car you get two things. First the ability to go off-road and watch the polo on a very muddy Saturday morning, and still feel classy. You wont once have to switch through difficult settings. The buttons highlighting 4 different driving modes is very easy to use – a bit of training with Land Rover offroad experience could cover when and how to use these modes. So I am talking to the ladies and gents, who don’t feel like they want a Hilux, are looking for as much class and status as a Mercedes, with the unique character reminiscent of every Range Rover bulletproof tank of the past 10 years.

If this car was a dog, it would be an English Corgy mated to a German Shepherd learning to flush the toilet and speak French and Mandarin, at some architecture design institute in Milan or California.



Brand new R 700 K plus, for a decent second hand, about R 450 K. I would personally go for a second hand car, generally dont buy cars brand new, allow someone else to experience the depreciation instead.

Dealership Sales Experience


I was fortunate enough to guide Ms Singh around the process of buying the car, getting the car test driven and evaluated. It was a pleasure dealing with Michael from the Glen Land Rover Jaguar, who was contacted through autotrader. He followed up with me the following day after my enquiry on the weekend, send me a quote in 10 minutes, and had the car on site within a day thereafter. We bought the car, and trade in the Merc within the same week. It was the slickest purchase with no fuss, even signing our documents at the office we work at, and ensuring within 2 – 3 days after delivery that every single thing we discussed was covered. Michael is a rare commodity.

Absolutely no bullshit ego that you sometimes have to deal with in car dealership`s. He works for a DP that knows what customer service and sales is all about. I have had sales people tell me in the past year, that they can`t bring a car out for a client test drive, as it is not in the dealership policy. If taking a car to busy people, is not part of your sales strategy, then you have to ask what is?

Sales and selling is all about service, making sure you have adequately covered the clients specific need, and then delivering on the promise to deliver. The delivery part in South Africa, is where everyone seems to fall short. Everyone can make promises, but how many are empty?

Michael was on point. The car was delivered on time and both Ms Singh and I would buy a car from him again, and refer him to our friends looking for Range or Land Rover!

Dealership Sales Team Contact

As an aside note – after 3 months, we will be back to interview Ms Singh to measure her experience driving the car, check its average consumption, ask her about things she loves or dislikes about the car, and any interactions again with the dealership and rate that experience as well. Its important to note, the aim of the blog is to highlight excellence. Where we find something shocking or not great, I`ll let you know – trust me.

Michael Ormerod

Product Specialist

Jaguar Land Rover The Glen

Tel: +27 (11) 682 5400

Cell: +27 (71) 602 5679

Fax: +27 (86) 551 7656

Email: michael.ormerod@smhgroup.co.za
Web: landrovertheglen.co.za

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