Minor & Major Repairs to your Car?- Rapid Motors Pty Ltd in Selby

Rapid Motors Pty Ltd – Ultra Quick and Reliable Panel beaters / Spray Painters


If you have a car that needs a quick repair in Johannesburg, there is no place in past 15 years of owning a car quicker than Rapid Motors. I met Joe from Rapid Motors 3 years ago, after I had had a small scratch on my E90 BMW and need a quick repair that wouldn’t cost me R 6 000 000 to fix. Even though it was really small, I thought that it may take up to 2 – 3 days to get my car back. It was on the bumper and as happens in Killarney where I live, a little old lady had bumped my car pulling in to the parking next to mine at the Killarney Mall. I was a little distraught, because as you know by now I love cars, and I also wash mine at least once a week, to keep up the paintwork and make sure any tree sap or bird droppings don’t damage the paint. I also work in marketing and sales, so a big part of my life is walking out of a client`s office with him or her to my car – hence the need for an always clean motor.

I needed to share my experience with you about Rapid Motors, because I couldn’t believe how quick they were. In a country that has really slow and sloppy service at times, the speed of their work and how much they love what they do, really shows in their workshop.

Joe is Austrian, and still managed to crack a joke or two about his experience working with cars and making sure that dealers in Johannesburg get the best service possible. My entire life has been spent selling, and I can promise you that I would never refer anyone that didn’t give 110% customer service at all times. His pricing is always very very reasonable. His work is excellent – and if you do need a quote or some quick advice, Joe is nearly always available on 011 493 8273.


Quite a few key Korean, German & Japanese manufacturer dealers in Johannesburg use him, especially for structural repair, and judging from the cars waiting to be picked up after repair – I can vouch for absolute quality, because I can hardly see the repair work done. In my opinion their work is often better than some work I have seen at Major approved centres. That is me being biased, and I can be.

Normally with paintwork, being as finicky as I am about my car, you can pick up colour differences, textural differences, or differences in the way the light bounces off the paintwork. I can say openly that I am happy to refer Joe to anyone I meet, from family to all the amazing Dealers that we have started working with for this blog in the past few months.

You can find Rapid Motors in Selby:

3 – 5 Ntemi Piliso, (Westex Street), Selby Johannesburg, Gauteng – Johannesburg 2135

t: (011) 493-8273

e: rapidmot@mwebbiz.co.za

Thanks for reading the blog, and if you are based in Gauteng – and need your BMW, Porsche Alfa 4 C or Mercedes repaired – even for a small scratch – go to Rapid for quick efficient help!

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