BMW 2 Series, the 2 Series Active Tourer – Part 1

I like the word “Tourer”, and the word “Active”. I think the new BMW 2 Series is a great little car! I am just not sure why they have made it. Is it to replace the size and shape of the older A Class Mercedes, or is it to just ensure that for every Mercedes Benz on offer, there is a matching BMW? Having worked for a few years with Germans, I know that they take competition and performance very seriously. And this is not only true in the automotive world – but even in companies that produce a washing machine, or Stainless Steel toasters. So, enter the new BMW 2, I was sent an invite by Cedar Isle Auto – a BMW dealer in Fourways to test drive the newest addition to their family. Luckily for me, to assist with comparisons they had a Mercedes Benz B Class and 2 Series Active Tourer right next to each other, although they have cheated a bit. The Mercedes Benz B Class is coming out in a facelift model around March 2015. For now, my review is strictly on the BMW – a super little car – and later on the B Class once I get hold of both for a few days of testing.

Below are some images to start – around the overall design, double Sunroof ( optional extra of course) and the overall “feel” of the car. As promised in previous posts – there wont be too much technical jargon – as the young couple I met with their 3 month old baby, may not have enough time to get through my review, never mind have enough time to buy the car.

BMW 220 D M Sport Active Tourer - from Cedar Isle Auto - Mark McCann
BMW 220 D M Sport Active Tourer – from Cedar Isle Auto – Mark McCann


I did a test drive with Mark McMann from Cedar Isle – great guy, who is full of knowledge and friendly, without being a typical car salesperson – dumping stats and figures, while you try to drive the car. The car was a M Sport 220 D version with an automatic gearbox. Very very quiet for a diesel and very very easy to drive with super light steering. If this car was being driven by a mom or even gran, as the taxi that carts the kids and dogs to school daily, this would be a hit! The interior feels like it is premium, with loads more legroom than on most BMW`s in the back. It handles well, and still has a sporty feel – I think moms coming from other less premium brands would enjoy. This feeling or “soul” of the car is still BMW, even though it`s practical – and at R 378 000 to R 500 000 depending on spec level, may compete with families considering the  3 series or even the X1. Having driven the X1 for over a week, I think the 220D above would be a much easier car to drive daily. Especially in Johannesburg, with potholes – kids moaning on the back seat and load shedding ensuring you spend 35 minutes at each robot.

My only gripe was the boot space, not being as big as I thought an MPV should be. I drive a 320 D F 30 as my personal car and I felt there was just not enough room in the 2`s boot, unless you drop the rear seats. In this one regard, the Mercedes B Class trumps the BMW. Also, a neat folding table attached to the back of the two front seats in the Merc, means Sally and Johnny have a place to store their Mc Donald`s happy meals on their way home from the shops.

Mercedes B Interior BMW 2 Interior BMW 2 Series  - Rear Seats _J7D1484 Front View of Mercedes B Class Mercedes B Class boot space


BMW 2 Series Interior Silver BMW 218

Right.  How do I rate this in SA Buyers Guide terms   –

The Car 4/5

The Sales Person 4/5

The Experience 3/5

Total score 11/15 ( Find terms of ratings terms of reference in a future blog)

Quick update – I will include safety ratings from International Agency, Euro NCAP going forward. Please find the safety ratings here: – Euro NCAP 5 stars – for mums up to 85% rating for child safety on kids!

Video link demonstrating how Connected Drive works:

In summary, this is a great car and one of the first that I have tested with Connected Drive! More about BMW Connected Drive in Part 2. Big thanks to Thando and Mark from Cedar Isle  – / 011 367 1645 and Alex Boavida from Mercedes Bryanston  – 011 460 8600 / for Test Drives & more information.

6 thoughts on “BMW 2 Series, the 2 Series Active Tourer – Part 1

  1. Great review, thanks. Do you have a sensitive information: the actual size of the boot? seems like this is the most protected information, not available in any blog, nor website,

    Can you please let me know? Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 468 litres with seats up…”Boot capacity for the initial standard-wheelbase model is 468 litres, rising to 1510 litres when the rear seats, which split 40:20:40, are folded down.”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the volume. I was after the dimensions exact. HxLxl?

        This would be a great info as BMW does not have a clue. Can you believe it ?


      2. Hi,

        Have sent the request off to BMW SA – will wait for their response and come back to you. Have a good week! Best Regards,

        Preston Wheatley


  2. Hello,
    did you get any response? I did the same thing and contacted them. The answer they gave me was “we did not measure it”. Can anyone with a meter in the pocket measure it and let us know? and BMW by the same way?


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