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According to Biblical tale, Adam was the first Man. Well, this was my first time test driving an Opel, so there is a start for everything. I found a link to the Adam test drives at Melrose Arch this past weekend, and found the experience amazing. It was great also to meet at the test drive/launch Kojo Baffoe, who is an ex-Destiny Man editor, played host at the Event. We began with a brief introduction about the Opel Brand. Reminded of the awesome Opel BOSS and Astra 200 is. Growing up as a young kid, I remember the IS being used as a car by the flying squad. Any car is my mind, used by them would need to be quick. We were also told that the car is made in Germany  – comes in many colours and styles with 1000 variations. More importantly, we took a Opel Adam for a drive. Very very quick, quite nippy indeed! Good solid steering and all round visibility.

In every test drive we do. Ill give you 3 ratings. One on the car. One of the person showing me the car – and another on the overall experience. All 3 are crucial, as we have all had a great selling experience, followed by less favourable service – or unreliable back up. The rating will be out of 5 for Each. Car – People  – Experience.

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For todays review – I would rate the car as at 4/5. The people showing me the car 3/5 and the overall Experience of the launch as a 2.5/5.

Going forward, we will always include a link to the latest EURO NCAP rating on each car we drive. This is a quick indicator on the safety aspect of the car. With a lot of readers based in Urban areas, the risks associated with driving in SA are very clear. Please find the link below to the 4 Star rating the little Adam received. Not also, that the Mini, Citroen C1 and Adam all received 4 Stars in 2014.

The car is amazing – the young activation team very eager to dump tech and features on me – The test drive route on the day and overall feeling – was nice, but not amazing. By all means test drive the car – you will enjoy it. I just feel it would suit Students/Artists – hip and young, looking for a cool alternative to the boring Polo or unsure Fiat 500. If your folks (or you!) have the dough, go get this car!

6 comments on “Opel Adam Launch Melrose Arch 2015 01 18

  1. nadzpluto says:

    Good write up, interested to see future events…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks very much! BMW 2 series active tourer coming up this Saturday. Will see if it’s just another B class or if it sets a new trend in that segment. Stay tuned!


  2. sheeda kalideen says:

    Hi Preston
    How does it compare to the A1?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Upcoming review in the next two days, but very very well. The A1 is a premium product, and handles very nicely. The opel is priced a lot lower, more affordable and more “cooler!”


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