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BMW X3 – Made in South Africa.

Ask anyone who knows me well, I am proudly South African. I don’t run away from discussions on country matters, and especially when overseas, try to pitch my voice at the same volume as any American tourist within 20 m square. With that comes a sense of responsibility. Not only to make sure our country doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, by making sure our institutions remain safe from bad people, but also more importantly, that we support locally made products and businesses that do the same. When I say bad people, I mean anyone that takes resources or integrity away from our tax money. Good people add to the benefit of everyone, by creating jobs, paying tax and making sure that our Constitution remains the shining light by which we run this country. 

Enter BMW. At a time when countries are clamouring overtrade wars, and when we don’t truly know where the Dollar will leave the Rand after a post by Mr.Trump, we can only rely on what we know. BMW has been making cars here since the middle of the 50s. starting with the 3 series production, they have now bumped up the factory in Rosslyn and spending R 6.1 Billion on infrastructure and upgrades, and now manufacture the all-new X3, right here. Yes, BMW will no longer make the 3 series here. In the past, all my personal cars were made here. To run through the lot, the Toyota Tazz x 2, Corolla, Fortuner, BMW3 E90, BMW 3 F30 320 d std and now the BMW 320D F30 M Sport. As you can see, I have generally stuck to these two marques to get around our fine country.

So, without become Mr Trump, and saying things like, “Make South Africa great again”, we move onto the reason why this specific issue of country of manufacture matters to us so much?

Buying the X3 can push up our figures in Manufacturing, according to Stats SA, manufacturing has been down for 2 quarters in succession.

Recently we started a small business (May 2018), which will soon be revealed to you all. With that start, focussing on massive amounts of research into manufacturing, I can proudly say we are now going to produce high-quality garments in SA, made purely from locally sourced products. Wherever possible, the only people working with us as suppliers will be proper BEE certified business and at all times we focus on quality and ethical production above anything else.

This is so that when someone overseas does speak about my country, then it isn’t in the same vein as we have seen with mentions of quality from other countries, most notably Asian, whose items vary in quality, as much as our politicians in parliament.

Quality is key.


Driving on gravel road, he X3 can take you on holiday and if you live on a farm, it will also get you to church on time and in comfort. 

Recently we had the chance to drive the new BMW X3 with BMW Sandton Auto. This dealership is bang in the centre of trade and commerce of the Financial district of Johannesburg.


If you don’t believe anything is good enough for you or your kids, then man do we have a car for you. You push and don’t stop. You do not want to wait for 20 minutes for anything. You have a business to run, and family to support and your plans to grow and increase in Africa and beyond know no bound. Regardless of your profession, you expect answers. You also know that there are only a few cars that can meet your requirements for information and performance with brands such as BMW, Rolex and Apple meeting such an ask. The analytics in the BMW leads the way, including an entertainment system that is the best amongst all the cars we have tested. Also, at some point, your car will require service. BMW SA keeps focussing on customer service like a Sig laser. They still need some work, on the sales teams, but that takes a long time in an industry with high staff turnover.  


The New BMW X3 is dynamic. It does not hang in corners because it knows you won`t appreciate that. It feels planted but able to move left and right quickly. In the family range of BMW cars, this is James Small. The man we watched take down Jonah Lomu of the All Blacks in 1995. James was much-much shorter, but he dropped Jonah like a bad memory. This is the X3.

On a practical note, the car has space for a small family.

Not for serious enough for hard core offroading, but you already know that. 

The suspension on this X3 is the softest I have ever driven since I drove my first X3 in 2006. It is a really great car on corners, and over the many bumps in the roads.  Compared to the XC40 which we just tested, the X3 didn’t feel like it was hanging in the corners. So, it seems like the suspension is better. We didn’t get a chance to take it off-road at all. But I am sure in December off to the mountains in middle KZN, it will be fine no matter what challenge there is, including a normal wading depth test trying to get to the golf course over a small low bridge. I have found there is some sort of focus now from manufacturers on utility. Knowing that I don’t need to drive up Mount Everest with this car, or to the North Pole, I am happy with the ground clearance and overall feel driving. Hopefully, one day when BMW SA recognise our site, we can test the car properly on the road, and our little off-road route in the Magaliesberg.


The X3 represents a great car for the family. I am hoping to have kids soon, and we are starting a small business that will require some loading now and then, and long trips across this great nation to sell our products to hospitals and doctors all over. I cannot think of a better car for now, at this price to do it. And yes, it can be specified with Harmon Kardon sound package, cellular phone wireless charging pad and sunroof/rims from the MSport package. I think on longer trips, the sunroof is just better, more light for the kids, more sky to see, the better!


We love the 2.0 d auto engine, but for the next car we buy, maybe a little 3.0d is needed to pull a few more things hitched to a trailer behind us. Or, even a Roofbox from Thule (OEM with BMW) for Grannies bags. I say consider it as an option if the budget allows. It costs more than some of the very popular Japanese & British rivals, but remember, this car is made here. When you drive it, you support all the families in Gauteng North that work on the X3 as a team (including Rosslyn suppliers and businesses surrounding the park from SA).

So, if you can afford it ( my car was at R 830 000) do it! And if you don’t mind, get a small flag of SA to put on the back – just for SA Pride! We have never needed gees more than now, so like 1995, remember we are South African. We can do make it through anything! 

Massive Thanks to Marc and team from BMW Sandton. Here is to success in both our new moves and to growth as business in SA! Special thanks to Michelle who is the most attentive service advisor this side of the gauteng northern loop! Best coffee, best drivers and really stress free service. 

Ask for the new car manager in Sales – 011 676 6600 or email us on if you have any questions.  

Thank you for reading our blog and Happy Holidays! 

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